WorthyOnTheWeb is an online presence of Claire Worthington. I'm currently studying a Masters in Digital Marketing Communications at Manchester Metropolitan University. I also run my own business working primarily with small businesses.

More Info

I'm a front end web developer, web designer and digital helper from Greater Manchester. I founded the Village Web Company and I write the WorthyOnTheWeb blog.

I started the blog to help guide small business owners and help them present themselves and their businesses online. There is a lot of information out there, but some of it requires a certain amount of digital knowledge before any of it makes sense.


Prior to retraining as a developer, I had my own small business as an independent retailer selling childrens clothes and gifts but I spent the majority of my working life at Royal Mail.

During my many years at Royal Mail I did everything from sorting mail and office admin to holding face to face meetings with enterprise clients and managing customer service teams. As a result I have a lot of experience dealing with corporate customers and know a lot more than most web developers about sorting machines!


I am a volunteer at a small local charity called SPACE Stockport, an ADHD parent support group. I'm a Code Club Volunteer and a lead organiser for WordCamp Manchester 2015 and 2016

I doubt if I fit the mould of an average web developer, but then who wants to be average?

Spare Time

When I'm not working, volunteering or writing blog posts, I do all the usual family stuff. I also enjoy an assortment of 1950s housewifey type activities such as baking, sewing, gardening and crochet, although over the last few years I have definitely spent more time on my laptop than anywhere else.

Suburban Afro

A blog I created about my ongoing relationship with my hair.
Created mainly as a development site

Suburban Afro Blog

WorthyOnTheWeb Blog

This blog aims to teach small business owners what they need to know to get online without becoming a digital expert.

WorthyOnTheWeb Blog


A slightly out of date handcrafted site built a few years ago, with HTML5 and CSS with no frameworks or additional code.


I Love Romiley

A project I'm currently working on for the local traders association. Launch is currently scheduled for autumn 2016.

I Love Romiley

Village Web Company

I work with small businesses and non-profit organisations to help them make the most of their online opportunities.

Village Web Company


I'm part of the team that runs small local charity S.P.A.C.E. (Stockport Parents of ADHD Children in Education) parent support group.

S.P.A.C.E. Stockport



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